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This is the distribution site for the Beneficial Use Values Database (BUVD), an informational database of economic values for beneficial uses of water collected from a variety of sources, including scholarly journals, books, conference proceedings, government reports, and working paper series. Currently, it is available for review to the public in its alpha version.

It is expected that this database will ultimately provide a useful guide for decision-makers, policy analysts, and others interested in valuation of water resources to find information on the types of economic values available for water-based amenities. We are seeking feedback on this potentially valuable resource from those who would benefit most from it. We would appreciate comments from professionals interested in water resources and policy issues. Since we are continually adding values to the database, any suggestions for studies to include are welcomed.

Although the database is currently only available as a Microsoft Access for Windows file (and as a stand-alone application), our goal is to post the database on an interactive website following the conclusion of this review period.

To learn more about the BUVD, go to "About the BUVD."

If you would like to participate in the review of this informational resource, we welcome you to download the BUVD.

If you have already downloaded the database and would like to view some help documents, go to the help page. Also, when you are ready to provide comments to us, you can go to the comments page.


Project coordinators:

Douglas M. Larson, Associate Professor
Daniel K. Lew, Graduate Student Researcher

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616 

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